454: Mark Manson | Unconditional Communication

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454: Mark Manson | Unconditional Communication

From The Art of Charm

Length: 60 mins


Mark Manson (@iammarkmanson) is the author of Models: Attract Women Through Honesty, and he blogs to an audience of millions about psychology and personal development.
The Cheat Sheet:

Love is not enough; people prioritize love over other more important values, such as self-respect, trust, and boundaries.
The relationship scorecard is toxic habit 1, where people feel as though they are always "owed" things by their partner.
Boundaries basics: taking responsibility for your own thoughts/emotions and expecting your partner to take responsibility for theirs.
World travel is both empowering and limiting; you gain new perspective, but it limits your ability to form commitments.
Realizing that everything you do doesn't matter is a good thing, because it means you no longer have any excuses not to be who you wish to be.
And so much more...

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