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#164 - Where to Seat Everyone and How to Tip your Vendors: #164 - Where to Seat Everyone and How to Tip your Vendors

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#164 - Where to Seat Everyone and How to Tip your Vendors: #164 - Where to Seat Everyone and How to Tip your Vendors

From From Ring to Veil a Wedding Planning podcast

Length: 27 mins


Where to Seat Everyone and How to Tip your Vendors - Episode #164 Pause and subscribe! Take a screenshot and share! Join our Facebook Group Seating charts are tricky, but we have a few tips on where to seat everyone. We also include a guide for tipping your vendors! Seating Charts are usually done toward the end of the planning process because of the need to wait for RSVP's to come in. Most tables are 60-inch round that will seat 8-10 comfortably, Shan prefers 8, more elbow room (Kim prefers 6, a place to put your feet up, lol) Farm tables are setup up end to end with each table 6-8 feet long and 2-3 feet wide and will fit 6-8 people depending on whether you want people sitting on the ends. There should be 60 inches in-between tables but no less than 48 or people will not be able to get in and out of seats comfortably. Head Table or Sweetheart (couples) table You will need to decide whether you are going to have a head table featuring you and your SO plus wedding party, or are you going to need a Sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is just for the couple getting married. Everyone else will sit at tables assigned or designated for them. The sweetheart table will be front and center with tables in front of the couple with your people of honor. Parents, close family Bridal Party A head table with the couple and wedding party would be front and center with the couple in middle then respectfully on each side Best man, maid of honor and then groomsmen, bridesmaids. Groomsman Bridesmaid Best man- Couple- Maid of Honor Groomsmen Bridesmaid The head table could be even longer if you are allowing your wedding party have a guest or you can sit their guests at a table of their own. If you are having a head table a parents table will be needed Seating at this table is couple's parents and grandparents and usually officiant and spouse if necessary. If you have step parents the officiant and guest can sit at the next table. Closest family and friends sit up closer to front Have a table for the inevitable guests that didn’t RSVP and a table for your vendors that are staying throughout the ceremony and reception, yes you need to feed these vendors, and they normally include, DJ, Photographer, videographer, planners. Vendor Tipping Guide Tipping your vendors for a job well done is just plain ole good manners. Even if they don't accept tips a small gift of appreciation will go far even if it's just a coffee gift card. Don't forget to check contracts on vendors as gratuities may be included in their service. Officiant and/or Clergy Reception Wait Staff Ceremony Site Staff Bartenders DJ/Band Parking Attendants Reception Site staff Transportation Hair and Makeup Artists Planners/Day of Coordinators Photographers Videographers Floral Designers/Event Designers Baker/Dessert Chef Listener Question Time!!! Hi Shannon and Kim - I'm a huge fan of the podcast, and have been listening since I was engaged over a year ago! Our wedding is this July, and I'm still finalizing bridesmaids' dresses. My own dress is fairly simple ('classic elegance') is the look I'm going for -- it's a strapless Mikado gown with no adornments or anything, but it's trumpet-shaped, with dramatic ruffles on the bottom. I'm planning to wear a striking necklace or shoulder jewelry to jazz it up. I was set on bright, sequined bridesmaids gowns, which look great on my ladies, but I'm now wondering if I should do something more demure? Some of the consultants at the shops we went to suggested that such striking bridesmaids dresses might "overpower" the "simple elegance" of my dress. Now I'm rethinking what I should do. I want my ladies to look great, and hate the idea that a bride might be being "overpowered" -- or even to have these thoughts/insecurities put in my head now! But maybe from a design perspective, these bold dresses may not be the right approach? Please help!! Thanks, Undecided and Confused THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Join our Facebook Group Subscribe to the podcast:
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