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Tony Stubblebine

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Tony Stubblebine

From Smart People Podcast

Length: 38 mins


Tony Stubblebine - CEO and co-founder of Lift, a life changing app that helps you form habits. More than that, Tony is a fanatic about human potential, creativity, and the power of action! Tony is also a "serial entrepreneur", having worked on a number of tech startups, including working with the guys who founded Twitter. Tony often blogs here, on Medium.
"It takes 10 years to become an overnight success." -Tony Stubblebine
Do you want to build the habit of meditation? Check out Lift's How to Meditate page with free guided meditations!
According to, Lift app is one of the most affordable self-help products ever created.
Quotes from Tony:
What we learn in this episode:
How has Tony built a number of successful companies?
Do young investment bankers feel that the money is worth the long hours?
What is some advice on getting angel investors early on in starting a company?
Behavior design
Lift's How to Meditate page with free guided meditations
Twitter: @tonystubblebine
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