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#10 Surviving Failure: What to do when plan A doesn’t work out

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#10 Surviving Failure: What to do when plan A doesn’t work out

From Open For Business

Length: 28 mins


What happens if it all falls apart? Learn how to weather the storms of failure from two entrepreneurs who refused to give up, and have survived to tell their stories. Episode Notes:This episode features:Andrea Gönner - Co-founder of GarnweltBo Fishback - Founder and CEO of ZaarlyJamin Jantz - Director of Marketing at ZaarlyJeff Morris - Early Zaarly employee, currently the Director of Project Management - Revenue at TinderFor tools and information about how to start or grow a business on eBay, visit so much to Mashable, watch the clip that we featured in the episode here. This episode is brought to you by BigCommerce-- get a free, three-month premium store subscription by visiting This episode is also brought to you by ShipStation. Try it free for 30 days and get an additional month free by visiting visit, clicking on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing in “ebay”. 
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